CINEMOOD is absolutely noiseless and features easy to use directional buttons, large storage capacity, up to a 5-hour rechargeable battery life, and the ability to create up to a 12-foot projection on any flat surface.

Discover the power of 360°videos and built in access to educational Disney content and popular streaming services with CINEMOOD 360 that is durable and safe for kids to use.

Once kids start crawling and then walking, its as if they're perpetual motion! With CINEMOOD, you can sneak in extra snuggles and family bonding to create precious moments that will last a lifetime!

The sky’s the limit with CINEMOOD! No matter where your family outdoor adventure takes you, our unique device will be a companion every step of the way!

Ever dreamed about having a prefect bedtime routine with your little ones? CINEMOOD is here to create that magical experience that the whole family will enjoy!

A built-in access to leading subscription-based streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime, AmebaTV and YouTube - all from the palm of your hand.

SETS THE NEW STANDARD FOR ACTIVE SCREEN TIME. The only 360-degree VR projector allows to enjoy smarter, safer screen time in the immersive magical world of CINEMOOD and have an experience akin virtual reality without the need for a headset

ENCOURAGES YOUR CHILD TO MOVE, LEARN & PLAY. Scare away specters in the included Ghost Hunt game or chase OmNom in a 360-degree video story. Access a library of additional free games and videos that are added through regular software updates.

STREAMS DISNEY + & INCLUDES PRELOADED EDUCATIONAL DISNEY CONTENT. Digital library includes 40 Disney e-books and 25 short safety videos & cartoons. Also, 75+ episodes of other cartoons, shadow puppets, motion games and 360 degree videos.

A WORLD OF CONTENT AT YOUR FINGERTIP. Access and stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube 360, and Disney+ directly from the CINEMOOD menu screen. Download Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos directly on CINEMOOD to enjoy anywhere, without WiFi

FUELS YOUR KID'S INTELLECTUAL POWER. Our portable projector brings ABC learning off the page, onto the walls, and ceiling, turns an entire room into a 360° wonderland allowing to explore national parks or galaxies.

YOUR CONTENT ON THE BIG SCREEN. 32 GB of storage and iOS screen mirroring allows to upload and play your personal content, NOTE Laptop mirroring is NOT supported. Copyrighted content and purchases from iTunes, Hulu, and similar streaming apps CAN NOT be mirrored

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE. 0. 5lb, 3” portable, smart cube projector is durable and safe for kids. It has up to 5-hour rechargeable battery and creates up to 12-feet projection in the darker environment. No connection to computer or wall outlet is needed. NOTE: HDMI is NOT supported

SAFETY FIRST. Having soft 35-lumen projection CINEMOOD gives the eyes and brain a break, eliminating blue light, and providing a safer smarter viewing experience than tablets, and TVs.

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