Many children feel themselves not comfortable in falling asleep in the dark room. Luminescent stars transform your children’s playroom into a fairy glossy realm. Let your kids lie down and gaze at an illuminated stars. Break down their fear of darkness & nightmares into a fun game like harry potter lights star in dark with magic sticks or astronaut discovers new planets. Grow their too active imagination and add more fun to the sleeping time – trust us they would wait for the bedtime all day long!

Moreover our Stars Enhance Children’s Educational Needs & Interests

First and more important in children education to rise their interest in knowledge. Use our stickers as educational toys for a life experience. Begin to study moon, astronomy, constellations, name of planets and so on. Grow their imagination of undiscovered inhabited planets with star wars, dinosaurs, big flower, art tree, cool butterflies and unusual animals.

SUPER BRIGHT NIGHT GLOWING STARS - Long Lenght of Glow, Self - Adhesive Stars & Dots - Turn Your Nursery into a Magic Galaxy. Shine brighter and last longer. No more plastic look in kids bedding room

BEST KIDS GIFT – Glow-in-the-Dark stars enchanting room space decorations - Ideal for Boys or Girls. Easy way to turn a dull room into a romantic ambience of Glowing Universe full of stars.

FAIRYTALE REALM – Many children are not comfortable falling asleep in the dark. Luminescent starts transform children’s playroom into fairy glossy realm. Let your kids gaze at an illuminated stars.

EASY TO APPLY & EASY TO REMOVE – Our self-adhesive wall murals stickers could be easily peel and stick to any flat, clean and non-textured surface & can be removable without damaging the surface.

ENHANCE CHILDREN'S EDUCATIONAL NEEDS & INTERESTS - Use out stickers as educational toys. Begin study constellations, astronomy, planets, moon. Grow their imagination of undiscovered inhabited planets

Tips for Best Results:

  • Hold the decals for about 5 minutes under a lamp to activate the decals prior to installation;
  • Prepare any flat, clean (without dust) and non-textured surface;
  • Peel & stick it anywhere you want in living room, kitchen or bathroom (walls, wallpaper, ceiling, storage box, furniture, beds, crib, door, lamps, laptops, phone case or any other surface);
  • Turn off the light & enjoy the magic.

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