Product description
Carolina Reaper Peppers, Ghost Peppers, Chocolate Bhutlah, 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Douglah & The Moruga Scorpion are the 6 hottest peppers in the world. We fuse these fiery beasts with the largest Jumbo XL Virginia peanuts available to produce an insanely fun and wicked hot food challenge. Version 2.0 is all new featuring new pepper blends, better flavor and crunch with a whole new level of heat for the 5th and final level - The Death Nut

The Death Nut Challenge 2.0 is a collection of peanuts encased in some of the world's hottest peppers to create a challenge that's for true spice warriors only. The box contains five sets of peanuts that build in fiery pain as you progress.

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